Saved by the Dirty Sanchez!

July 9th, 2010

hot dustin diamond comedian

Known to television viewers  as the nerdy character Screech, Dustin Diamond began playing the quirky role in 1988 on the series Good Morning, Miss Bliss. When the show’s characters graduated  to high school, the show came to be known as Saved by the Bell, and Dustin became more well known than ever. When the series was cancelled, Dustin had a hard time finding new roles. He’d played Screech for more than a decade, and audiences had a hard time seeing him play anyone else. He later appeared on the show Celebrity Fit Club, in which he became infamous for his aggressive attitude and uncooperative antics.

hot dustin diamond shirtless

Now Dustin stars with two women in a shocking and graphic sex tape. It was shot in a hotel suite. The video begins with Dustin sitting in a bathtub telling viewers what is about to happen. Then, holding the camera and providing a running commentary, the actor has sex with two unidentified women in several different positions. Near the end of the 40-minute tape, Dustin demonstrates a particularly graphic act- a Dirty Sanchez! What the heck is a Dirty Sanchez?  It is the act of smearing feces  on the upper lip of a partner during or following anal sex.This act is also be referred to as Stinky Hitler, ShitLip, or Frosty Mustache.

hot dustin diamond sexy

If  you want some more shit on the Dustin Diamond Sex Tape, just click on the link.